Stabil company (Jsc) has been operating in the market since 1998. Before changing into a joint stock company we had been operating on the market since 1993 as a limited company. The company´s seat is in Žilina, Námestie hrdinov 5, 010 03 Budatín.

We realize constructions for individuals, trading companies as well as state authorities. Since our establishment we have developed inot a strong and steady building company which has realized all kinds of contructions: a family house construction, terraced houses construction, multifunctional buildings, administrative buildings, garages, reconstructions, logistics parks, industrial objects.

The core of our success is a high technical professionalism, ability to realize customers´ requirements, meeting deadlines and high quality. We use modern technologies in contructions, we react flexibly and adapt to the lastest requirements of the building market.

Our company employs on average from 50 to 60 steady employees. We can guarantee the expertise of each employee by their long-standing work of good quality for the company and by satisfaction of our business partners. Our well-tried sole traders and subcontractors (about 90) of specialized professions provide the company with professional work.

In 2005 the company launched the quality control system by the standard STN EN ISO 9001:2001 for the operating body of the Construction realization and the Eginneering services in the building industry. We have a well-established, maitained and working system of quality management. We keep improving its efficiency. In 2010 and 2011 we reinstated the standard EN ISO 9001:2008 for the operating bodies.